Oct 3, 2023

Numinus Announces Psychedelic Program for Mental Distress Associated with Chronic and Serious Illness through Cedar Clinical Research

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VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 3, 2023 /CNW/ - Numinus Wellness Inc. ("Numinus" or the "Company") (TSX: NUMI) (OTCQX: NUMIF) – a mental health care company advancing innovative treatments and safe, evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapies, is proud to introduce its innovative and comprehensive psychedelic program for individuals suffering from mental distress associated with serious and chronic illness. Operating out of the Numinus Wellness UT and Cedar Clinical Research facilities, the program encompasses four key initiatives that showcase Numinus' commitment to advancing psychedelic research and its potential for healing.

Group Psilocybin Pilot Study

Numinus Chief Science Officer, Dr. Paul Thielking, is the senior author of a recently published study of the safety, feasibility, and possible efficacy of group-administered psilocybin for depressed cancer patients. This study not only demonstrates the possible therapeutic benefits of psilocybin but also highlights the immense potential the group model holds for reducing the costs associated with psychedelic therapy. To read more about this research, please visit the link HERE.

KAT Group Pilot Project

Numinus has also completed a group ketamine-assisted therapy intervention pilot for subjects suffering from chronic and serious illnesses. This pilot project showcased the effectiveness of ketamine-assisted therapy in alleviating depression and psychological distress associated with these conditions. This endeavor underscores Numinus' commitment to exploring innovative psychedelic-assisted therapy models for patients in need of new treatment options.

Group Psilocybin Project

Building on the success of the ketamine pilot project and the group psilocybin study, Numinus is thrilled to announce an upcoming follow-up group psilocybin project. Approved by both the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and an Institutional Review Board (IRB), this study will, among other things, reduce the therapist to patient ratio while continuing to evaluate the impact of psilocybin-assisted therapy on cancer patients with depression. Subject to the availability of legal psilocybin-assisted therapy under applicable law, the results of this research may contribute to reducing costs and enhancing access for this patient population in the future.

KAT study for End of Life

Numinus is honored to be selected as one of five different sites participating in the Ketamine Research Foundation's sponsored research study on ketamine to reduce end of life distress. This study seeks to investigate the potential of ketamine-assisted therapy in improving the quality of life for individuals facing end-of-life challenges. By actively contributing to this research, Numinus is at the forefront of advancing our understanding of how psychedelics might impact palliative care.

"Through our innovative psychedelic program for serious and chronic illness, Numinus is spearheading a new era of transformative care", said Dr. Thielking, Chief Science Officer, at Numinus, and Principal Investigator for the upcoming group psilocybin study. "By harnessing the potential of psilocybin and ketamine-assisted therapies, we are providing hope and healing to individuals in need. We are excited to continue our innovative work and contribute to the advancement of psychedelic-assisted therapies for the betterment of patients worldwide."

Numinus remains committed to developing and providing safe, evidence-based, and patient-centric psychedelic therapies that have the potential to transform lives. Through psychedelic research and by fostering collaboration, Numinus is paving the way for a brighter future in healthcare.

About Numinus

Numinus Wellness Inc. (TSX: NUMI) (OTCQX: NUMIF) helps people to heal and be well through the development and delivery of innovative mental health care and access to safe, evidence-based psychedelic-assisted therapies. The Numinus model - including psychedelic research and clinic care - is at the forefront of a transformation aimed at healing rather than managing symptoms for depression, anxiety, trauma, pain and substance use. At Numinus, we are leading the integration of psychedelic-assisted therapies into mainstream clinical practice and building the foundation for a healthier society. Learn more at www.numinus.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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