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is to level the informational playing field by providing in-depth research and analysis of unique investment opportunities in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. We supplement our recommendations with content that supports you, the individual investor, in making educated decisions in this high-risk/high-reward industry.  Our goal is to enable you to construct a portfolio of early-stage and undervalued biotech assets that have the potential to redefine the state-of-the-science and disrupt their industries.

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Informational asymmetries exist in the biotechnology industry to give the advantage to institutional capital, allowing large VCs and investment banks early access to attractive opportunities before the market catches on.

MedicalGold believes that access to information and exposure to under-the-radar opportunities are the determinants of investing success.

10-20x exit multiples.

We promise to provide our readers with early looks and honest analysis of investment opportunities in companies with great potential for 10-20x exit multiples within 12 months.

Powered by a senior trader/investor in the biotech industry and a former biotechnology hedge fund manager, MedicalGold.ca is your conduit into the minds of industry experts as they research and invest in under-valued and overlooked companies. Our mission is to support you, the individual investor, in making calculated decisions in the high-risk/high-reward biotech game. Remember, it only takes one big win in this industry. Now let's go find your diamond in the rough.